Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yeah, That's My Kid...

At Jackson's ballgame tonight Wesley (please keep in mind he is only 2 or my bragging will be meaningless) pointed to the moon (they love the moon and point it out every time they go outside) and said, "Look Jon," (he calls his daddy Jon, yeah nice!) "Jon, look space." Yeah, that's my boy the two year old who knows what space is! Yesterday he found his little clear ball that has a smaller ball inside it with a ring around it. He said, "Look mom space" (he likes to say "look"). It did look like a planet with a ring around it. We have been studying space with the older kids, but I didn't really think Wesley was paying that close attention, especially since we usually do it while he is napping! Who is this genius's teacher? Ha, ha!

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Angie said...

that's awesome!! way to go, Mom! :-)
We have also been talking about space around here, and my almost-three-year-old looks at the moon with us and yells at us for calling it a "half moon" or "crescent moon" - "No! It not a hass moon, it da moon!" {sigh} yeah, you're a great teacher! :-)