Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Sensory Bin...

After another fun trip to the dollar store (it's so wrong how much I love that place!) I found this leaf dish, fake leaves plus some tongs. They picked the leaves up by the stem with the tongs and put them in the dish. They all enjoyed this: Then I got brave and broke out the fall sensory bins. One is filled with corn and the other with black beans. I had different fall things like pumpkins hidden in them. All 4 kids played well over an hour with this which is a miracle in itself. They didn't make as big a mess as they did last year, but I still sat there and picked spilled ones up the entire time before it got out of hand :)

I had also hidden Halloween foam stickers in there for them to find. Will was a big fan:
Unfortunately, he loved them so much he wanted to wear them as tattoos:
Wesley was all about the pouring, and quite excited by it too:
He also worked diligently with his tongs:
These were a lot of fun. I'm really convicted to do more sensory bins. I adore anything that gets them all playing and using their imaginations. I've seen so many great ideas out there in blogland that I can't wait to try some more. Plus, that means I get to go back to the dollar store, right???