Thursday, May 2, 2013

Presentation Night...

Our tutorial has a great night where kids get to display all their work they've done that year. It was fun pulling out all the stuff the twins had done. They did more than I had thought- pretty good for pre-K! They were very proud to show it off too.
Sissy showed off her awesome Saturn project.
Jackson had his earth project to share. We have also been doing a lot of chalk pastels from tutorials at HodgePodge which made for a great display!
The kids also get to show off a talent. Ashton sang "Glory to God". I know you shouldn't be prideful: but my girl rocked it! Seriously, it brought tears to my eyes. I was so proud of her.
Sweet Mrs. Renee gave her a great singing lesson and played piano for her because if she was dependent upon my knowledge... let's just thank God for talented friends!
We love Presentation Night and being able to show the family what we've been working on. It was a great night we will never forget.

Weekly Wrap Up: Sonlight P4/5 Week 1...

We used our super cool Sonlight case to make a castle. They thought that was really cool.

We were reading about eggs and chicks so we broke out the ipad (which by some miracle was actually charged) and watched a video of an egg hatching. The boys loved this. I need to do this more.
Sissy took this. I wish I could remember what we were laughing about. I think it was a funny nursery rhyme or maybe something these silly boys said.
Nothing beats snuggling with my boys reading.
This week we were just beginning our new Sonlight p4/5 and really enjoyed it. It helped me be more intentional with my boys which is what we needed.