Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mommy Got an iPad!!!!

I have been asking for an iPad for a few months never really believing it was a possibility, but when my birthday started coming around the corner my amazing husband got onboard. He actually just took me to Target one night at 8:00 with all 4 kids a few hours before I left for a week long trip I hadn't packed for and told me to pick one. Sadly, I don't do spontaneous well and couldn't bring myself to spend that much money without mulling it over, and over and over...

So, about a week later he finally convinced me that we should just go for it (ironic, huh?). Of course, I later realized that I married an evil genius because I paid for half of it out of my school budget and picked out my own gift!
Since then I have had to referee 56,326,354,564 fights over whose turn it is to play on it, but I've also sneakily downloaded tons of educational games for them to play. I guess that makes me Mrs. Evil Genius ;)
I can't wait to share all the ways we've discovered to use it in our homeschool. Maybe I can even actually blog all the things I want to since on my iPad I can take a picture and then blog it thus eliminating the waiting to download pictures wait time (can you hear angels singing right now? I sure can!).