Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twin Tot School #10...

Will and Wesley are 25 months.

This week I finally talked my husband into getting some Tot School furniture! We got a cube bookshelf that I can put their activities out on.

Of course, first it had to be assembled which was a Tot School activity all in itself.

A little fine motor work of using the screwdriver:

and putting the peg in the hole:
Then they had to try out the cubbies:

To reward themselves for a job well done, they turned the box into a slide- all on their own:
We were actually amazed at how much help they were and how much they could do. It was a fun project and we are loving the shelf in school.
That's all for me this week. I'll catch up next week:)
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crispy said...

Cute little learning spot. I like it.