Sunday, September 27, 2009

Twin Tot School #11

Will and Wesley are 25 months

The twins really loved their new shelf they helped build. They were so excited to see all their things set out on the shelf to choose from. The down side was they were able to scatter 9 things instead of just the one or two I usually give them at a time! I have got to be very purposeful in teaching them to return things to the shelf when they are done. It is just hard because I am usually running back and forth between them and teaching the big kids :) I think it will be easier when I order the trays to set everything on.

Still, my boy was excited as you can tell by his showing me his puzzle piece:

The BEST part of their new shelves was that they chose different things to play instead of fighting over the same one:

I love their little chairs being right there because they can choose to work there or on the carpet or their little table and chairs which are on the other side of the fireplace.
Wesley is my puzzle crazy child which is awesome because I love to work puzzles and need a child to be my puzzle partner one day:)

The favorite toy of the week was definitely the Magna Doodle in all shapes and sizes. They call it "IEIE" (every letter and pen or pencil is an IEIE). I left these out all day and they played with them several times.
I love how proud of himself Will is:

I love these stacking blocks because they are learning about size and stacking now but one day we'll use them for letters as well.
For those of you that always read my Tot School posts I think I need to make a new feature called "Spot Will's Thinking Tongue" because he always has it out when he's working hard!
The best new thing about the twins is that they are very into playing pretend now. I am amazed at their great imaginations. Sometimes, they join in each others' games and sometimes they are in their own pretend world. They love to play baby doll pushing one in a stroller. They also make anything into a telephone and talk away. This week Ashton set up a Blue's Clue's hunt for Wesley. He was so into carrying his notebook around and finding clues.
The favorite one of all of us is doggie or kitty. Ashton loves having them be her pets. Jackson loves chasing and scaring them. They love having their heads patted and hearing "Good dog/kitty". But Mommy loves it the most because I can get them to "fetch" their toys they have scattered everywhere. All I have to do is rub their head when they bring me a toy and they will clean up:

As usual, some of the best moments are things you don't plan but just happen naturally:

We had a fun week. Now while I get to planning for this next week, please read about other Tot Schools on Carissa's blog!


Michelle said...

The last picture is so sweet! Looks like a great week :0)

The Activity Mom said...

B is really into pretending too and I LOVE it. =) So fun! I really like your area with the trays and chairs.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I love how you have everything set up for them - and that shelving unit looks very nice! Love that last picture - how sweet! :)