Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dollar Store Centers #6...

I've been trying to read over our state's curriculum standards to make sure that I wasn't missing any skills I need to cover. I realized we hadn't talked about syllables. Of course, I needed to make a center to teach it!
I bought this tray to use with the twins in Tot School, but have found SO many uses for it.
I used the one with 5 dividers for Jackson and typed up words that had anywhere from 1-5 syllables (I actually had to look up some 5 syllable words!). I used some good ole's scrapbooking punches and stickers to label each section for number of syllables:

Here's Ashton's who went up to words with three syllables:

Then we had a mini lesson on vowel sounds and clapping it out and off they went:

As usual, Jackson sees me with the camera and hams it up:

This ended up being a great center they've done a couple of times. It's also easy to type up some new words and have an all new activity.

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Courtney said...

Hey Tonya - I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but I think we had talked about a photo session a couple years back. ANYway, I love your homeschool ideas... this one about syllables is a great idea. =) I'm new to homeschooling, this is our first year. My son is in 1st grade and loving HS so far. Looks like your kids are enjoying is too! =)