Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our School Room...

I thought I would document what our "school room" looks like while it was clean :)

This is the awesome table I bought which is perfect for our workboxes system. This is in our kitchen since we don't have a school room :(

This is Jackson's side. This table came with 12 shoeboxes already in it- perfect for workboxes. I also love the shelves for storing big notebooks, mini office, clipboard, supply basket and anything they might be using that's too big for their boxes.

This is Ashton's side which is a little different. I added these shoeboxes we already had. On the bottom shelf we have tubs for things we are working on in science and social studies and her supplies (when she doesn't clean it out to hide in!).

This is our bulletin board which Ashton is in charge of which explains why there is way more of her stuff than his :)

I put these workboxes cards up. They are all held on by velcro so they can be moved when completed. The kids don't really seem to need these and don't use them.

This is my closet right next to the school table. This was where my washer and drier were, but my amazing husband moved them up to my master bedroom so I wouldn't have to cart all the laundry down and them back up. Of course, it was mostly so I could have more storage for school stuff!
This is my "what can it be pile" of things I've saved from the trash or bought at the dollar store just waiting to be turned into a Tot Tool.
I bought a bin for each child (the twins share) so I could throw things in that I want to go in their workboxes in the upcoming days.These rolling drawers are awesome. They house office supplies, art supplies, and manipulatives. This is my great bookshelf I bought used at my church. I love the books being cover out. Plus it helps me remember what I have to use!
This is supposed to be my pantry, but I squeezed the food onto one shelf and use the rest to store curriculum and files.
These are my bought Tot Tools. It used to be one of my workbox racks before I got the new desk.

Glad you could stop by for the tour for the brief nanosecond it was clean!

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