Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rhino Lapbook...

When I gave Jackson a choice of what mammal he wanted to learn about I was very surprised when he chose the rhino. However, he really enjoyed learning about them and was very upset to hear how endangered they are. I asked what he wanted to do for his cover and he came up with this on his own. He went and removed the tails off two of his dinosaurs to make horns. I thought that was pretty clever and love how it turned out.

I seriously can't imagine schooling without Homeschool Share. I know different people write the lapbooks, and whoever wrote the rhino one did an amazing job. It's beautiful and covers a variety of topics. I also liked how it was all different kinds of mini books.

I liked how it was organized by African rhinos and Asian ones. That made excellent opportunities for us to compare and contrast. However, our favorite part had to be the joke book. I love when the kids have fun. Jackson told those jokes to everyone!

Of course, our go-to back cover is our Draw, Write Now creation. If you don't have these books- you need them. It's amazing how there is always a picture that relates to what you're studying no matter what it is! I can really tell how it has improved Jackson and Ashton's drawing too!

So that is what Jackson and I voted our favorite lapbook!
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