Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tot School Tool...

My 6 year old daughter prides herself on being a Tot School teacher. So, I thought I would share a Tot School tool she made all by herself.
I had this egg carton set out to save to make something out of when it disappeared. She spent days coloring it with a sharpie. Then she glued on the eyes and nose and cut out a mouth.
I think it is really cute:
Next, she demonstrated for me how it is a Tot School tool. She has seen them working on their fine motor skills by putting things in little holes on different toys. So she found a collection of beads, googly eyes and other little things that they could "feed" to her pet. The twins love doing it and so did my nephew:

I am very proud of my little teacher and her great ideas.

My only problem now is keeping her out of the art supplies :)

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