Friday, September 4, 2009

Dollar Store Centers #3...

We are all about nouns over here this week. This is too basic review for my 3rd grader and new info for my 1st grader though she has picked it up quickly. We are focusing on the noun categories of person, place or thing right now. This time I went a little over my $1 budget to about $1.33. The folder to store it in was about 20 cents:)

I bought big bulletin board decorations which had different diecuts like the balloon, party hat and present I used. There were about 15 included for a dollar. I used 3 so that put me a few cents over a dollar, oh well!

Last, I bought smaller diecut presents. These were 35 for a dollar I believe.

So, for a little over a dollar my darling daughter got to have a "Noun Party".
I wrote the categories on the big diecuts, and she then had to match the nouns written on the little presents to the appropriate category. I tried to make the nouns things you would see at a party because I am all about sticking to a theme!

I can't express enough how simple these things all are, but how much she truly enjoys them. I never hear a complaint when she opens a workbox and finds a center I made, and that in itself is worth much more than a dollar!

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