Monday, September 7, 2009

Twin Tot School #8...

Will and Wesley are 24 months old.

I bought these great trays at the dollar store a while back and have been wanting to use them. There are so many fun things you can do with beads that I've also been wondering if they are old enough to be trusted with them yet. So, I decided to go for it and made this simple scooping activity.

Wesley seemed to know exactly what to do and went for it. He worked diligently for quite a while on this.

And Will answered my question of "can they be trusted with beads yet?" That would be a definite NO since he scooped them in his mouth...

Then spit them out in the tray. That wasn't exactly the kind of scooping I had in mind!

Jackson told me it was my fault because I gave them spoons and they thought it was something to eat. He had a good point so I took the spoons away and just let them drop the beads into the empty juice bottle. That worked for a while until Will discovered it was fun to shake it around then pour it out!
We also used the wonderful old stand bys of the pegs. This would be my essential Tot Toy if I had to tell someone one thing to buy.

This would be number 2. This is the toy that Will will play with the longest without eating or throwing anything :)

Oh, wait... This is the face you get when a tot realizes you caught him putting something in his mouth that he shouldn't!
I'd like to say at least hammering doesn't involve his mouth, but unfortunately he banged so hard it came back and hit his mouth :(
The Little Tot Teacher instituted this activity with the alphabet bean bags. It is so cute how they will always sit right down at their table when they see her coming with a toy!
My favorite moment of the week was finding Wesley reading the Bible. He sat in this chair reading it very intently. Moments like these are priceless!
That was our sometimes dangerous but always messy and fun Tot School this week. Please go over to Carissa's blog to see what other tots are doing this week!

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Rebecca said...

Haha, i know that 'i was caught' face all too well! Good ideas!