Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tot School Tool...

I made an easy and even better, cheap Tot Tool I saw on Carissa's blog. It is just a cereal box with holes punched in it that they put things in to work on their fine motor skills. I gave them their pompoms which they had to actually push to get through the hole. It is so exciting how much they love these simple little things!

That sweet smile does my heart good. He is very proud of himself when he does something (and so am I!).

This is absolutely my favorite picture because of the one finger approach! I love toddler hands almost as much as toddler feet (don't get me started on my toddler feet obsession-my husband thinks I'm a nut!).

OK, I spoke to soon. This is my favorite picture because Will's like, "Where did it go?"
I made the mistake of making it "rain" pompoms on them after they inserted them all the first time. After that Wesley only wanted to put in one or two then "rain" them out (much to the annoyance of Will!):

This was definitely a much more fun thing to do with my recycling than watching it pile up waiting for Jon to take it off :)

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