Friday, October 2, 2009

China Night...

For Galloping the Globe we began our studies in China. We spent 3 weeks learning about China because there was a lot to learn about! Here are some of the things we did:
-listened to these great geography songs and learned all the countries of Asia- me included!
-read Children Just Like Me about life for kids in China (This is my favorite new book. Everyone should have this book to teach their kids about life in other countries.) Then we filled out a notebooking page about it that Jolanthe shared.
-Over a few days as we read our library books on China we filled out this notebooking page that Jolanthe came up with. It is wonderful and contains just enough information. In the space for famous person the kids chose that wonderful humanitarian- Jackie Chan! He is actually from Hing Kong which is part of China although maintains their own leaders and currency. I thought he was a funny choice, but his life story is fascinating. He was raised in a school for kid actors and had a really hard time there. It was interesting to learn about how they were treated, though very sad.
-We even watched HGTV's House Hunters International (again in Hong Kong) so they could see how small apartments are there and how rough the bathrooms- ha!
When we finished we had to have a celebration night.
That day in their box they found a box! There were also tissue paper and construction paper to decorate a dragon head. They got to watch a few videos on You Tube of dragon parades for inspiration then they set to creating.

I loved Jackson's face and chopsticks for teeth!They were in charge of cooking our Chinese dinner- teriyaki chicken and rice.

Ashton even had a great wardrobe thanks to one of her friends. The chopsticks in the hair were a big hit!

During dinner they had to present their notebooks and China lapbooks and tell what they learned. They came out really great, and I hope to post about them soon.
Will's favorite part of the dinner was the rice candy I picked up at the grocery. You could eat the paper which worked out great for him!
Wesley preferred the other candy I bought: biscuit sticks covered in strawberry cream. In fact, I had to hide it from him!
Daddy was wonderful and went to a Chinese restaurant to pick up chopsticks and fortune cookies to complete our meal!

Our after dinner entertainment was a dragon dance!
This is my favorite picture of the night- the traditional dragon has picked up some new moves!
I am loving this curriculum and all the new experiences we are having. Perhaps most fun is that I get to learn right along with them!
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