Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twin Tot School #12...

Wesley and Will are now 25 months old.

I am still loving our Tot School shelf. Mostly because instead of fighting over the same toy, they can choose which they want to play and I just pray it isn't the same one! They are becoming very independent with this. They still need my prompting to clean up, but once I start it they are happy to help.

One of the big hits this week was the Tot Tool I made them.

Who can resist Mickey Mouse (even if he is on a paint sample!)?

We were very blessed to participate in a preschool activity bag swap with our homeschool group. So, we ended up with 20 activities ready to go. Some they aren't yet ready for, but they loved putting the beads on pipe cleaners. What a great fine motor activity!
This day (because I was in a hurry) I set out this entire box of puzzles and shapes instead of picking out a few. Will did a good job of figuring out all by himself which shapes and how many of each he needed.

My favorite toy came out as usual. What makes this so great is that they play with it a different way each time. Today it was all about seeing how high they could stack it!

This was also the first day I put out all 4 colors of bears for color sorting. Wesley did great even with 4. Will can do it but is more interested in scooping them in. I have got to get him a pouring activity going!
Then the bears were forgotten as he tried to see how tall he could stack these!
Wesley is always ready to snuggle up and read with anyone who has a book. On this day he listened to an entire book about elephants.
Then there is the super important football class! Down, set hut are some of Wesley and Will's favorite words.
Mommy went shopping and found some great 3-4 piece puzzles. They are just the right number of pieces for them right now.
This turned into family puzzle time- love it!
At the end of the week we attempted a torn paper fall tree. Silly mommy tried this when it was nap time, lesson learned. Both of them loved taking on and off the glue top- there has got to be an idea for a tot tool there, hmmm......
I always save my scrap paper for them to draw on. Will was very excited about this today.
Wednesday was my birthday so we headed off to celebrate. We went to the children's museum. Since they are so into space right now this was a huge hit!
Next, we headed to the airport to let Will see his beloved "bees". It was neat to do things based on their interests!
My favorite photo of the week:
I hope you enjoyed seeing what we are up to at our Twin Tot School! Head over to Carissa's blog to see other great Tot School.


The Activity Mom said...

Love the family puzzle time. =) Those are the best moments.

Our Country Road said...

Oh I LOVE your Mickey folder game! Great idea :) I wish we had a homeschool bag swap here. I hope you will post pictures of some of the games you received.

Giggly Girls said...

LOL about the scrap paper. My tot likes to write on sissy's old school work. Apparently it's more fun then the paper I buy for her.