Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our First Official Group Field Trip...

Last year we weren't exactly what you would call involved, but this year my goal was to get involved with other homeschoolers. I think we are doing a good job and having fun at it. This was our first official field trip. We went with our group to Traveler's Rest to their trade days to see how people used to make things. I'll be honest and say that we really kind of went around on our own so so much for the involvement! We had the absolute best time though, including me!
This is the beautiful old house we got to tour. Jackson is really interested in Andrew Jackson because they share a name. It was fun to see where he stayed when he came to visit.
They had several hands on crafts. I have always wanted to know how to make a corn husk doll. They actually fairly easy.
Jackson was even able to adapt his to be a boy!

We learned a lot about bees and were able to find the queen bee. Do you know how long they live?

There was a huge group of kids watching the musket demonstration. However, after the noisy discharge only boys were left :)

I was absolutely fascinated by the soapmaking.Ashton, not so much...
We got to write with feather quills. I was awful. The kids were pretty good.
They really enjoyed getting to help do the pottery wheel. I was just sad there were so many kids so I was unable to try :(

It was freezing, but it was awesome to do something with just my 2 big kids. It is so exciting for me who as a child begged to go to every historical house in 3 counties see my kids enjoy history as well. We honestly could've stayed hours more if we could feel our extremities! In fact, they were wishing their daddy could take off and take them back the next day because they knew he would've loved the gunsmith and arrow heads. This event is something we will definitely do again. We love field trips!

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