Sunday, November 1, 2009

Twin Tot School #15...

Will and Wesley are 26 months old.

It is sad how much I love empty Parmesan containers :)
This time I just cut bright plastic straws (or rather my mini tot teacher did!) into smaller pieces for them to put in the holes.Wesley was all about dumping them back out:

Will was pretty excited about his magnetic letters, until he dumped them in the floor :(

Ah, the Parmesan container again. This time they put in beads:

How many times have I shared this activity? They love it. It is probably their favorite tot school activity ever:

Thanks to the T-Jay dollar bin we got monster stamps. They were a B-I-G hit!

Big bro had to give some stamp tutoring and do a little stamping of his own, of course. They spent forever taking the tops on and off. That was their favorite part. You just never know :)
I made 2 October sensory tubs. One was filled with pumpkins, plastic bugs and spider rings hiding in black beans. The other was filled with Halloween shapes and cups for pouring hiding in corn. Who loved them the most? Sissy. I even found them in the bathroom one day where she had played with them while, well you know!

The bins I had them in were way too little, and they made a huge mess. I need to get a bigger and deeper bin!

To go along with farm week, we had a trip to a local pumpkin patch which had a petting zoo. Wesley was beyond excited by the goats! They stayed there petting the goats for about 30 minutes! I was pretty proud of our farm week learning because they knew right away they were goats!
They also were thrilled to milk a fake cow. This picture isn't the best because they kept milking it from behind.

Forget my little bin. They could've stayed here for hours.
When I talk to people about Tot School they always say, "My kids would make a mess." Here's my answer, "yep, but it was fun while it lasted."
Exhibit A: my floor:

Exhibit B: what was under Will's bottom:

And last, but certainly not least: Mommy's favorite of Will peeping through a hole a playset:

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Nicki said...

I agree about the sensory bins... it does make a mess, but it is definitely fun, keeps them occupied for quite a while, AND most things can be cleaned up reasonably easily with either a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner! Right?

Susan said...

Great week! You remind me I need to get back out our Parmesan containers - it's been awhile. My son also loves stamps and the tweezers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your post! I was at the MOPS group as a visitor and have been so inspired to start doing some of this. We've done a few things and I'm looking at your blog getting ideas for this week. Thanks!!!

Tonya Lee said...

Chris, I'm so glad you left a comment. I had a lot of fun at the MOPS meeting. I love to hear that you are doing some fun things!