Monday, November 16, 2009

Galloping the Globe Notebook...

As we gallop the globe we needed a notebook to record our travels. I printed this cover off the Galloping the Globe Yahoo group.
We spent so much time on China we made a lapbook of all we learned. I used several resources from Homeschool Share. We won't do this for every country. My goal is to make 1 lapbook per continent. I simply punched holes through the file folder in order to put it in the binder. We did mini books on several topics like Mt. Everest,counting to 10 in Chinese, Chinese picture book summaries, the Great Wall, emperors, and basic facts about China.
I also googled images of the money and printed a few on cardstock.
The cover has their name in Chinese, the flag, and a paper doll dressed in Chinese fashion from Making Friends.
Here's the boy version :)
The back cover also has their Draw, Write Now pages and summaries they did after reading The Story of Ping. Behind the lapbook we included our notebooking pages. We use the great country info and Children Just Like Me notebooking pages from Jolanthe.
This is Ashton's version where she writes "he goot a sackne" translation: he got a spanking!

That is our 1st country in. We will add other countries in behind and divide them with tabbed dividers. We're enjoying our trips so far!


Wife of the Pres. said...

This is GREAT!!! If you wanted any photos from the Great Wall or other places that you might have studied, I could print some out for you!

Jonah will be taking a journal with him to China and we have one for our new son as well. I can't wait to see if he uses it to write in Chinese characters. I figure that will be a treasured keepsake all the way around.

Our next study topic: learning Mandarin. :))) Yeah, the whole family. It seems S remembers more than we expected she would, so that has put a pep in our steps to learn more. That, plus our waiting son is almost 10.

Thanks for the candy experiment links btw!!!

Jolanthe said...

why is it our kids pick up on the spanking thing??? That was McKenna's choice too!! :)