Sunday, November 8, 2009

Twin Tot School #16...

Will and Wesley are 27 months old.

This wasn't technically Tot School, but I had to snap a picture of one of those beautiful moments where they are actually happily playing together! They loveLittle People almost as much as I do!

They are masters of all farm animals now. This is Wesley in the middle of making his pig noise while showing me the finger puppet. I love that Tot School makes old toys new again. I bought this farm set 8 years ago and it never gets played with until I made it part of farm week. It's amazing to me how intentionally playing with your kids can enable them to play with things on their own later, giving you time to blog:)

Will was very proud of his cat!

I have this puzzle out for weeks now. In fact, I leave it on the shelf all day. It's the first puzzle they have ever worked without any help. Mostly they love it because they think the house looks like Grandmother's house and are always showing it to me!

This was another moment where I caught them playing on their own. Wesley was feeding Will a pretend waffle. I love how they are using their imaginations so much together.

As we begin learning about zoo animals, nothing beats riding a zebra. Look at that hair go:

I was surprised to see Wesley take his toy over here to play because that is the time out corner! I have also always helped him match the animal halves up on this game. I was very surprised to see he can now do it on his own- smart boy.

I love anything Leapfrog. While I am not actively tryingto teach the boys the alphabet, they are learning that letters make sounds. This is a great toy to reinforce that as it sings the song and makes the sounds.

I got this file folder game back out because we haven't used it in months. It is matching different colored Baby Moses to same colored grasses. They did a great job except for the two shades of pink which were very tricky.

My dad's favorite snack as a child was peanut butter crackers with sugar sprinkled on top. Leave it to my daughter to glamup the traditional snack by adding pink sprinkles. I decided it would be fun to let the boys add red and blue sprinkles. They "ate" it up- hee hee!
I just got these droppers from Oriental Trading. I put a drop of blue food coloring in water in a divided bowl and showed them how to transfer the water from one side to the other. They did it then decided it would also be fun to squirt it on themselves and up in the air. As you can tell by the picture of Will's mouth this was after the peanut butter snack.
This puzzle was just more exposure to the letters as I made their sound for them as we put the pieces in.

Wesley worked dilligently at hammering for awhile. You give that boy a hammer and he'll do anything- just like his dad.

I was very excited to order these paint trays from Oriental Trading and began imagining the things we could do with them. I started with one-to-one coorespondence hoping they'd put 1 pompom in each circle. Instead, they threw them all over. Maybe next time...

I got out some foam zoo animals and my favorite divided tray. I handed them one animal at a time. They had to say its name and make its sound then sort it with other animals like it. We usually sort by color so sortingby type was new for us. They got it right away. This became this week's favorite activity, and we did it several times. They stuck with it long enough to sort about 40 animals- much more than I expected.

Again, Will loves to show me the animal. The lion was his favorite as he got to roar.
Wesley was a big fan of the kangaroo who we made jump because Mommy has no idea what and if kangaroos make a noise.

I thought it was funny that Wesley kicked back in his chair to work a puzzle so laid the pieces out for him on the arm, and he loved it.

Their favorite activity of the week was definately not one I had planned since they decided to "IEIE" (what they call writing) on my walls!!!! At least they look contrite-not!

In their sweet defense I did later catch them using their mop to try to get it off- how sweet is that?!

Apparently between picture taking and laughing I didn't properly convery the naughtiness (go figure?) because the next day I discovered Will had IE'd on his face with a pink highlighter!

When I asked him what he'd done he wouldn't look at me and tried not to smile:

I finally got him to show me his handiwork with his signature tongue stuck out:

Whew, what a week! What do tots do at the end of such a busy week? Why kick back in their recliners,of course!

I'm pretty sure Will is calling all his peeps to see what they did in Tot School:

If you want to see what all your peeps did this week in Tot School, kick back and head over to Carissa's blog!


TheRockerMom said...

I really enjoyed your post. You had so many great activities! I'm a bit jealous of all your great trays, but I'll be okay (lol). Thanks for sharing!

crispy said...

Just telling you again how much I love your blog. Inspired again.

Lil' Ms. P said...

There must be something about toddlers and farm animals! My son loves them.

Carrie said...

So cute - you must have your hands full. :) I love the mopping the wall picture - so fun. :)

Jeanette said...

What cute boys! (My baby's name is Wesley.)
So many great activities. My daughter loves Little People! I liked the animal sorting. I am going to see if I can find some foam animals.

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

you have great ideas w/ the animal sorting. I will have to gather some of our goodies together & try it out!