Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun in the Box #12...

This is what the kids found in their box today:
I put lots of random items in the box and a paper folded in half with 4 flaps cut. They each had to secretly pick 4. On top of each flap they had to write 3 adjectives that described the 4 different items they had chosen. Underneath the flap they drew a picture of their item. Lastly, they took turns reading each other their 3 adjectives to see if they could guess what they chose. Then they lifted the flap to show the picture to see if they were right!
They did well and had fun. We also practiced labeling our adjectives with our chant "What kind? Which one? Hooooooowwwww many?"

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Mama to 3 Blessings said...

Really nice! I have heard some great things about Gallopping the Globe - I may look into this program. Thank you for the info.