Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dollar Store Centers #8...

The dollar store had this pack of the cutest little plastic boxes. I looked at them 3 different times but couldn't figure out anything to do with them. Finally, I bought them anyway:)
I wanted to do something with estimating and I remembered these boxes. I filled them with different amounts of black beans (I had them for Halloween sensory tub for the little ones.). I made a control group with 10 and 100 to show them what those look like.

I put little post its on top of each box and wrote blanks for me, J and A to make our own estimates. At the bottom was a line for the actual total. After everyone made their estimates, we divided up the boxes and counted the beans (another great math activity!).
When the numbers were higher their estimates were farther off. I think this was a great activity to get them realizing what big numbers look like.We will definitely be repeating it- maybe with candy corn, yum!

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crispy said...

I love your ideas. Do you just scout out the dollar store and try to come up with ideas?

Tonya Lee said...

I totally do. My name is Tonya and I'm a dollar store addict :)