Monday, November 30, 2009

Astronaut Training...

We finished our unit on space and decided to have a mini celebration and eat our astronaut ice cream we bought at the space center. Dehydrated ice cream had everyone a little puzzled:

and it tasted about as good as it looked!

Will wasn't sure, but he braved through it since mommy was offering him sweets!

I've mentioned before that both boys,but especially Wesley, are space obsessed! He also likes showing off for the camera lately so here he is showing his "pace" ice cream:

We all kind of gagged and choked our way through the 3 flavors (some of us anyway- others refused after the first disgusting bite!):
Will bravely tried the strawberry:
We all laughed and laughed because as much as the rest of us hated the nasty stuff, guess who begged for more and more????
Now we KNOW he is definitely going to be an astronaut when he grows up since he can obviously handle the dehydrated food, as long as he doesn't inherit mommy's claustrophobia...

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