Friday, October 23, 2009

Tot Tool...

Ever since I saw this on Carissa's blog I have wanted to make this tot tool. I decided to make it first for my nephew since he actually likes for me to give him homework!

The picture and circles were done on my word processing program. Then I used coke tops and covered them with circles I cut out with my scrapbooking supplies. I think it looks great except for my handwriting which I have never liked :)

I love this tool and can't wait to make it for the boys!

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Wife of the Pres. said...

I really want to do this for LM too! I am leery though of the bottle tops. When we were at VCH for LM's heart surgery, we were in the waiting area outside the PICU with a family whose 7-year-old daughter accidentally swallowed a coke cap while trying to open the bottle with her mouth. She never went home again. I will never forget praying with her grandmother and us crying, sobbing really, as I shared with her about LM and her heart. The family had decided to donate the girl's organs, and that spoke to me deeply b/c LM may need a transplant someday in order to live.

Anyway, the tops scare me, so please don't make it for your boys until later, OK? Maybe they don't mouth things but if they do, wait.

Sorry to be so pushy, but I pick up those tops everywhere I see them on the ground and think of that little girl. I just can't give them to LM yet, though she is not really into that sense. My oldest still mouths things---ugh!--- and he is 11!