Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tot School Tool...

I made a cheap Tool for Tot. After my sweet husband drug me on another lengthy trip to the home improvement store trip, I ended up in the paint section as usual. I saw these Mickey Mouse shaped paint samples. Will and Wesley are obsessed with Mickey and spot the smallest pictures of him everywhere we go! Since we are working on learning colors right now I knew these would be the perfect Tot Tool. I grabbed 2 samples of each color and glued 1 into a file folder and "Mickey Match" was born!
They both loved working with "mouse" and are really good at matching.

We say the color each time they pick one up, and they usually repeat after me.

I adore this picture because of his intense look. This was Will's first time to complete this without Wesley taking over!

This silly boy is awesome at matching and is really starting to learn his colors. This picture is after we mixed them all up to do again :)

For this first version I only used 8 Mickeys in primary colors, but I am making a "Mickey Match 2" with all the secondary colors for once they master this.

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