Sunday, October 11, 2009

Twin Tot School #13...

Will and Wesley are 26 months old
We had an exciting week here at our house. We have been raising butterflies or "bugs" as the boys call them, and it was finally time to release them. You can see how excited they both were:
They carried their oranges around offering them to the butterflies but them would get scared if they got too close!

We also went on a field trip to our local nature center. While the big kids were in their class the boys and I had lots of fun. We did some bird and squirrel watching:
We played in the log house that was just their size:
When you have a playground all to yourself you have to run:I think Will's hair is so funny!There was also this really tempting mud hole which believe it or not they stayed out of it. That is until Will was knocked into it right as we were leaving!This was also our first time to have a theme in Tot School. This week was Farm Week.
I got this great idea from another blog (I can't remember which-so sorry!). I was going to turn a jug into a pig, but Jackson decided he wanted to. He did a really good job- see the pipe cleaner piggie tail! Then they fed the pig some yummy beans!
We also worked lots of farm puzzles including this difficult block one, but Will just wanted to play blocks!
This week also included the debut of many new Tot Tools. This came from an activity swap we did. The can lids have stickers on them. They have to clip the clothespins with the matching stickers on them.
This was really their first time to use clothespins, so Wesley was pretty proud of himself!
We also used the hammer to bang in the pieces of our foam puzzle. This was a BIG hit (pardon the pun)!
Another new activity was using the tongs to transfer pompoms into these great pumpkin ice cube trays.

These boys loved this activity!

We finally finished our Parmesan so we could use the container. This time we put beans in the holes since we had them out from feeding our piggies.

Then my favorite tool was color matching pipe cleaners to holes I punched in the top of Pringles cans and surrounded by hole reinforcers colored different colors.

Big Brother helped Wesley a little, but he was still one proud little fellow!

And my favorite photo of the week- a new use for tongs:

We really had a great week, and it was wonderful to watch how proud of themselves the boys were when they accomplished something!

To check out what others did this week head over to Carissa's blog!


Adriana said...

Great ideas! My little guys LOVE clothespins. It is funny that the simplest things are their favorites.

Mari-Ann said...

LOVE the photo of the week - kids are such a hoot! :) I really like the chenille sticks in the Pringles can idea - thanks for sharing it!

Wife of the Pres. said...

How in the world do you do it?

I got NOTHING this week for my tot school post. :) It is not that she didn't do anything, but I took NO PHOTOS.

So you just took white reinforces and colored them? How cool! I'm getting out my new Pringles can and putting those chips in some bags or something!

Thanks for the ideas!!!

Our Little Family said...

What a great week! I love the use of the colored reinforcers on the Pringles can. I've tried marker before, but it always rubs off. This is perfect. Thanks!

crispy said...

Love that nature center. And the play area is fantastic. Even my big kids love it.

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

Great idea with the clothes pins - seems so simple! Why didn't I think of that :) - I am going to try it out w/ my toddler.