Friday, October 16, 2009

For My MOPS Friends...

I had the honor of talking to our local MOPS group about some activities they can do with their preschoolers today. It was a lot of fun, and they were a great group. I gave them a list of the blogs that I enjoy stalking, I mean checking, for new ideas. I thought I'd add links here to my favorite blogs for them and other people that have asked me.

I've talked often about how inspired I am by Carissa's blog especially with Tot School and linking up every week. She also started the Totally Tots website which has lots of great features.

I find most of my blogs from people who link up to Tot School each week. Some of my random ones I have on my favorites list are Spinner's End, Walking by the Way, No Time for Flashcards, Homeschool Creations, Letters Numbers and Books, The Activity Mom, and My Family My Forever. These are just some of the very creative mommies who really inspire me.
I also shared some Tot Books I made. There are also these other great sites with free printables: Childcare Land, File Folder Fun, and Christian Preschool Printables.
Here are the trays I had and here's some of my favorite toys.
Thanks again to the MOPS for letting me have show-and-tell today! I'd love for you to leave a comment and let me know you stopped by!


Kuhl Family said...

Tonya - thank you so much, again for all your ideas. My 2 year old loved his new "game" I brought home. We have played it multiple times every day. I have a question for you...if you ever have activities that you don't bring out, but the boys really enjoy, do they ever ask for that activity, and if they do, will you get it out for them, or just have them do what you got out for the day? Thanks!

Also, I'm the one who sells Discovery website is: which really just has an online catalog that you can order from, or you are welcome to call or email me with an order, too. I can also get you a copy of the catalog if you're interested. Finally, if you're interested at all in hosting a party for your friends and fellow moms, now is a great time with Christmas coming up. Please let me know if I can be of any help in getting some new toys! You are welcome to email me email is

Jessica said...


Thanks so much for coming to speak on Friday. We all enjoyed hearing you share your awesome ideas and seeing that it was something we could all incorporate into our days. Thanks for inspiring us all!!


crispy said...

You are full of inspiration. I have passed your blog onto those of my friends who are looking for ideas.