Monday, August 10, 2009

What's in the Box Today...

I just wanted to show a few pictures of what our workboxes look like on a typical day. Almost always the white binders are in box #1. That is the kids Bible they are making from their copywork of that days Bible story. At least one box a day is a reading box. I usually try to read with them because I enjoy it and to check for understanding. You'll also see dry erase boards a lot. We use them for games, spelling practice, practice tests and drawing. I try to alternate fun boxes with less than fun boxes and long boxes with quick boxes. I tend to put more "work with mom" boxes in boxes 7-12 (after recess) because that's when the twins are typically down for a nap. We also usually do our current lapbooks in the afternoon. These are things we all 3 do together as we learn about our current science or history topic.

These are Ashton's workboxes. Some of hers are the same as Jackson's and some are different. I also try to stagger boxes where they need one-on-one time with me like Saxon math and reading. She totally rocks the workbox system and loves to finish a box and pull it off the shelf and stack it on the floor. They're supposed to do that to feel a sense of accomplishment. Jackson doesn't care to take his boxes off, but it is important to Ashton to see what she has accomplished.

Posted by PicasaHaving a Kindergartner and a 2nd grader posed a challenge in that I tried to have their boxes take about the same time. Obviously, kindergartners tend to have shorter assignments, but Jackson would be very upset if she was consistently done by lunch and he wasn't. To further complicate things, Ashton is a sit down and get it done worker while Jackson gets constantly distracted. It usually works out though. Besides we do most of our last boxes together which is my favorite part. Again, I love our workboxes and how it motivates them.

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