Friday, August 14, 2009

Twin Tot School #5...

Will and Wesley are now 2!!!

We all started back to school this week. The first thing we all did was Tot School. Big Bro and Sis love to help with Tot School! Having 2 2 year olds I need all the help I can get!

It seems like such a simple toy, but it continues to be Will's favorite- the pegs with the shapes that you stack on it. He absolutely loves doing this as you can see here. Right now we are just doing the fine motor skills of him stacking them, but soon we will begin sorting by colors and then shapes. It's going to be a big year around here in Tot School!

Of course, when you have t 2 kids the same age one is bound to want what the other one is playing with. Wesley tried to get in on Will's fun by climbing on the table. This did not make Will happy at all so I quickly had to distract Wesley with another toy!

Finally, we swapped toys. Wesley also loves this toy. Can you tell?
This is the first Tot School tool I ever "made", not that there was much involved. They love this simple action of putting the pompoms in the wipes case. I adore this picture because I think close ups of baby hands are precious. This one is twice as nice. It's one of those moments when it hits me again that I have twins!

As long as I can remember I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. If I was around little kids I was always trying to organize them and teach them. My sweet baby girl has definitely inherited this! She proudly tells everyone that she is the Tot School teacher. In fact, she got a little upset that I wanted to help teach too! She really has a gift for this too as on this day I heard her telling them the colors of the pompoms as they inserted them and then singing the alphabet song to them. I thought that was really impressive! Of course, whatever they do or learn I will get no credit for it. She will take it all. This picture to me looks like she is so proud of her students and how quietly they are working!
That was our back to school Tot School, one day of it any way. I have big plans for these 2 this year and glad I have such great help!

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Mama Mel said...

Very cute! I love the pom pom activity. Very simple, but looks like it would be fun! I'll have to try that with my son. :)