Monday, August 10, 2009

Workbox System...

While blog surfing I found several blogs raving about Sue Patrick's Workbox System.
I quickly ordered the book and impatiently waited for it to arrive. After reading it I rushed to the story to buy the shoe boxes and rack to hold them. The workbox system is basically 12 boxes you put all their work in for each day. They also have a number strip with extra stuff after they complete a certain number of boxes (see below). It's usually fun things like snack, play Wii, play outside and, their favorite, recess is always after box 6! It really helps the kids know exactly how much they have to do every day. It is really motivating for them because the sooner they get to work the sooner they are done. It has really helped cut out a lot of the "Do we have to do that?" They know it's in the box it's done. Another thing that makes me love this system is how independent the kids are. When I pack the boxes I put everything they will need to complete that task. Before I was having to stop whatever I was doing every time they finished a task to get them started on the next. Now they can get started on their next task by themselves. Most of the boxes are set up for them to work independently (which is really important since I have 3 other kids who also need me.).They do get 4 help cards daily that they can cash in to have me help them on their independent work. However, there are also "Work with Mom" cards (see the little pictures of me and Ashton on the outside of a few boxes.). These are placed on the boxes that I will be doing with them like their Saxon math or reading.

Post-It notes are must haves for the workbox system since I use them to mark the pages they are to do and to write the page numbers or other directions. At first 12 boxes seem like a lot to fill, but it has been great for me to encourage me to really use those learning games that I would usually not work in. I have really been working hard to make some new learning games and hope to share them soon in my "Workbox Fun" posts.

These are the strips I use that I downloaded from Carissa's blog. Then I went through old pictures and made my own cards using things they could do. My favorites are my "work with mommy" cards with pictures of me and them and the "read to the babies" cards with cute pictures of them reading to Will and Wesley.

Posted by PicasaThis system sounds so simple, but it is truly amazing. It has made such a difference for me and the kids. In fact, the first few days we used it they were working on their boxes before I even got out of bed they were so excited! We used it about 2 months before school was out last year, and I look forward to how it will help to haveit all year this year. If you havem't already, you really need to check this system out!

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