Monday, August 31, 2009

Dollar Store Centers #1...

I have been inspired by Carissa's Tools for Tots and other blogs that link to it by the really inexpensive toddler activities they make. However, I wanted to do something like that for school age children. I have long been shopping at the dollar store for things for the twins like pitchers and sorting trays. However, now I started to look at things at the dollar store I could make learning centers out of for my 1st and 3rd grader. Since we use the workbox system these are all great things I can throw in the kids' workboxes to make learning more fun.
Then I thought how fun it would be to share anything I could come up with with my blog readers. So, this is the new feature on my blog: Dollar Store Centers. I am having the best time with this. I am a center making addict!
The first one is an easy one that didn't take me but a few minutes to make. One of the first skills I wanted us to cover was ABC order. I made one for Ashton which were easy words all starting with different letters to make it easier. I made Jackson two. One all started with the same letter so he had to practice 2nd and 3rd letter order and the other was mixed.

They really loved this simple activity.

I found these colorful diecuts at the dollar store. I made all 3 centers out of the same $1 pack. Then I just put it in envelopes I already had and decorated them a little. The most expensive part was probably the Velcro dot I used to hold the envelope shut :)

Obviously, this is not rocket science, but it was fun to make and to share. ABC order was something I otherwise would've done with pen and paper, and trust me the kiddos loved this much more!

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Wife of the Pres. said...

So, how much do you charge to make me some of those?! I am NOT that creative.

BTW, which dollar store are you talking about? In Cool Springs or out your way?