Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun in the Box #1...

In trying to get creative and fun with their workboxes I pulled out some file folder games I had made when I was teaching public school. This one was a silly one that teaches subject, predicate and prepositional phrases. I just made up a bunch on my own. You pull one strip from the 3 pockets of sentence parts and end up with a silly sentence. Then they illustrate the sentence. Jackson loved this and insisted I take a picture of his creation.

This was his first sentence, "The monster ate an apple in the principal's office."

I guess it makes sense that this silly boy would like silly sentences!

His 2nd one was "The cow danced a jig at the circus."

This was an activity that I should have had a timer card in so he would only be allowed to spend so much time doing it. He kept wanting to "do just one more" and "just one more". He liked this one so much that I have used it a few more times. Having an activity he loves really motivates him to finish one he doesn't love which means I usually put this after his Saxon math or Wordly Wise, his 2 least favorite things to do!

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