Monday, August 31, 2009

First Official Day...

We have actually been doing school for over 3 weeks. However, I was reading a blog the other day about making the first day of school special for homeschoolers just like you would if they were in public school. This really struck me as I would normally have bought new outfits, new backpacks, lunch boxes, supplies and taken tons of pictures. I realized that I should do no less just because they are schooled at home and not away.

So, I decided Tuesday would be our "official" first day. I made them actually get up and get dressed in their new outfits (I know shocking!). Then I had a full day of surprises!

This is them holding their ears because I also told them that I was going to sing everything in honor of the special day. They were less than thrilled as you can see:
I made them cinnamon rolls in the shape of their grade like I normally do for their age on their birthday. This year were a little round and hard to shape.
3 for third:

and a really round 1 for first:

When they looked in their first workbox they found notes that said, "Go to the front porch and smile so Mommy can take you picture." They were very cooperative since this was much better than real schoolwork!
Here's my big first grader in her stylish new hat:

Here's my handsome 3rd grader who looks so big to me:
Of course, this is a much truer representation of these two:

I adore this picture and could cry that it is blurry!

I love this picture because he is actually smiling while being kissed!
Next up, I trusted them with my camera (shocking!) and had made up a little photo scavenger hunt. They had to find some things that had to do with school like their favorite nonfiction book or their favorite lapbook they made last year:
Other things were just random like find the number 11:

They had a great time on the scavenger hunt and want to do one every day! I think there may be one coming up in the future ;)

Another workbox was a writing activity where they had to write their goals for the school year. I was pretty impressed by them.

Ashton's were:

1. Learn the books of the Bible. 2. Learn about butterflies. 3. Learn to swing.

I think you can read Jackson's:
Then for the grand finale they had a scavenger hunt with clues hidden around the house. I wrote the clues in rhyming couplets (we'd been talking about those) with the last rhyming word missing. For example, the first one was "to find your prize you have to figure out a clue, one is hidden on a bed that is ____" (Jackson's bed is blue), etc.
They peeked and saw the prize in their fort so while they were following other clues I rehid it. Here they are reading a clue that said, "You found the clue and think you are as smart as a fox, but I rehid it and now it's inside your _ _ _ _ ____________." Their prize was a container full of new school supplies including really nice goggles for their upcoming swim class. They were pretty excited.

We all had a fun day. I need to work in more fun days like this. They are still talking about it. I definitely think I made it special, and I have the pictures to prove it!

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