Friday, January 2, 2009

Twin Tot School Christmas #1...

Tot School

Will and Wesley are 17 months old.

This is my first Tot School post although I have faithfully been reading Carisa's blog and getting really excited about trying Tot School with my twins at the same time I begin homeschooling my 5 and 7 year olds in 3 short days!

Knowing we would soon begin Tot School I asked the grandparents to get some good educational toys that we could use.

Here, the boys are really excited to play with their new peg board and also to sit at their new table. We've had it waiting in the garage for them to get big enough to use it, and now was the perfect time!

Will was being a goofball and eating the pegs.
Wesley was very seriously stacking his pegs. This was a change for them as they are usually the opposite. As with everything with our twins who are so totally different, Will likes to put the pegs in the mat and take them our while Wesley loves making a tower. Mommy is just glad they are practicing their fine motor skills.
Did I mention Will is the climber?

Here Wesley is playing with some good old fashioned wooden ABC blocks. Most often, I think traditional toys can be the best, not to mention they were only $10.
They also got the Parents instrument set. They were very excited to have their own drum since Santa brought big brother Rock Band.
Why drum with your hands alone?
Apparently, Wesley had a headache that day because he kept taking the instruments away from Will and putting the top on them.
That's just a few of our toys. We are saving some to pull out when we begin our official Tot School. Hope to bring you great things from it next week!

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