Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Favorite Part...

My favorite part of homeschooling is the fact that we can do it in our pajamas! Actually, that is what the kids and I were both looking forward to, but they have been so gung ho with their morning chores that they get up, brush their teeth, make their beds and get dressed. Therefore, they actually haven't been in their pajamas except this once, and it was only for part of the day. I, on the other hand, am in my pajamas every day. At least until the babies go down for their naps, the big kids have recess, and I can run up to grab a quick shower! I am REALLY trying to get up to have my quiet time and get ready before the kids awake, but it hasn't actually happened yet! So, hurray for perpetual pajama days!
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Angie said...

Amen! I LOVE teaching in my pajamas - with a cup of coffee in one hand and a toddler on my hip! It's too cool!

Golly, I love my life!!! Don't you?

MotherBear said...

My sister and her DH both work and juggle shifts to be home with their kids. They are homeschooling their daughter because they find that doing the teaching themselves (often in their pajamas, or so they tell me) to be less work than rushing everyone through the morning so they can pack their daughter up and get her to school on time for someone else to teach.

As working parents, they want to give their daughter the best education with the least work on their part . . . and that's homeschooling, for them.