Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let There Be Light...

So, today was our first day so what better way to start the year than by studying the start of everything in the creation story. Everyone was very excited for our first day. The kids couldn't wait until our 9 o'clock start time so they began teaching the babies! It was really sweet. After circle time complete with silly songs to get us moving, Bible story and memory verse work the big kids settled into their copywork while I did Tot School with the twins. I think it might have been their favorite thing they did all day copying their Bible verse and illustrating it! Who knew? They both did their absolute best handwriting which was beautiful! We're copying Bible verses and stories and illustrating them every morning. They are in a binder which they are excited will become their own illustrated Bible!
Next, I worked on math and sight words with Ashton while Jackson worked independently on Wordly Wise, handwriting, and reading comprehension followed by playtime on the lap top. Everything went so smoothly and was much easier than I expected. Jackson worked really hard without complaint. Ashton was probably the most challenging part of the day (as I knew she would be). She just slumped down and wasn't excited or eager about anything. This was really puzzling because while I was planning Sunday she voluntarily worked next to me for an hour completing an entire math workbook. I think she is so scared of getting something wrong that she just doesn't want to try (she probably gets that from me). She wasn't awful but I was disappointed that she wasn't more into it.

Finally, it was time for recess. They built an obstacle course while I spent recess cleaning my bedroom!
Of course, the babies chose today to wake up from their nap early. So, we took a much longer lunch break than I had planned, but that's OK. Then we did our Tapestry of Grace in the afternoon. Our history lesson was on Creation and our science lesson on Pangaea. We are making creation pizza books. This was a really big hit. Here they are showing off their Day 1: day and night.
I knew Ashton would like this since she got to do art, but I was surprised at how meticulous Jackson was about it. He truly took his time and put a lot of thought and planning into every aspect. Today we only did days 1-3, but we'll show it off when we complete it.

Overall, I thought it was a very successful day. I didn't have to twist their arms too bad, yet! Two things I wasn't happy with were we didn't write in our journals today and I don't feel like they spent enough time reading, but we'll get there! In fact, I may make them read to me at bedtime tonight. Who says school has to end before dark?
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Kyla said...

i AM AMAZED!!!! I had no idea you had this separate blog!! You are too much my Blog Mentor...tooo much!

Me said...

Oh I love that I have a buddy now!!! I'm totally in love with the copy work being a Bible verse and then illustrating it! I'm totally adding that to our routine.

Thank you!!!
(I wish I had something to offer...I got nothin')

Angie said...

Sister, you had a fabulous day!! You may feel disappointment over things you didn't get to, but as a fellow-homeschooler, let me assure you, that your first week in has been a HUGE success!! Don't be afraid to loosen your own expectations! And YES!! Homeschooling continues into the night - it is the beauty of the home that provides the flexibility to the schoolwork! Blessings!