Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jon's Favorite Part of Homeschooling...

Jon says his favorite part of homeschooling is that he never knows what he's going to find when he comes home. Today he was really surprised to walk in to a tent and Biblical characters right in his own living room! We studied ancient Mesopotamia and the life Abram had in the city of Ur. Then we tried to imagine what his life must have been like when God called him to leave Ur and he ended up living in tents for years. One thing he probably would've had to do was make his own cloth. So, we practiced weaving on the classic pot holder loom. I loved doing this as a kid so much so that my family probably tired of receiving them as gifts! However, it was harder than I remember it being so we didn't exactly finish it, but hopefully they got the point any way!
I'm sure there were silly shephards, right?
I wish you could see Wesley's face because he thought they were too funny.
Truth be told, Jon probably laughed when he got home just at me in my shephard's attire but pretended it was the whole set up! Oh well, who can blame him?
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Angie said...

Oh, you are Queen of the Homeschool! You ROCK! You are makin' me look bad!! :) Can we come to your house next week?? lol

Me said...

Seriously!!! You're putting me to SHAME, SHAME I tell you!