Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Divine Cofirmation...

Those of you who are veteran homeschoolers might be frustrated at this, but I am still nervous if I made the right decision in choosing to do this for my family. I guess anytime you make a big decision there is always some nervousness and probably always will be. Yet, this morning I stood amazed at God's faithfulness and knowledge that he doesn't get frustrated at me but wants to comfort me.

I got up extra early determined to have my quiet time before starting the school day (I usually have it while the twins are napping). Unfortunately, I was joined in the early hour by a little chatty girl who was excited about her first day and wakeful twins who would make a quiet time unachievable. After I got everybody changed and fed I ran upstairs determined to steal at least a little time.

I have been using my Esther study by Beth Moore as my quiet time but knew I didn't have time to do it. I tried unsuccessfully to read through the Bible last year. I didn't get very far as I much preferred doing Bible studies. Since I didn't have much time today I thought I would just read the next chapter where I left off (I highlight them after I read them). I opened up to Deuteronomy chapter 11 (I told you I hadn't gotten very far). After reading loads of homeschooling sites I know this chapter contains THE verse in support of homeschooling Deut. 11:19: "Teach them (your laws) to your children talking about them when you sit at home and you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." It just overwhelmed me that of all chapters and all verses God had me read those today. I don't know about you, but I am always open to a little divine comforting and confirmation. Our Lord is so good that he knows the smallest thought in our mind and wants to care for us in every way. It was so wonderful to start my day with this verse fresh in my mind and praising the Lord. Isn't that what every day should be like and what we are called to teach our children when we are at home, on the road, lying down or getting up?


Me said...

Wow, God is good.
Totally choked me up with this post, Tonya.

Angie said...

Homeschooling, like parenting, is a juggling adjustment every moment, every day, every week, etc. You appear to be a master juggler! Way to go!! And any "veteran homeschooler" should tell you that she could never get frustrated with your doubts - we all have them! In my opinion, the doubts keep us on track with what we should and could be doing. This is a BIG responsibility - much like mothering - and don't we have our share of doubts in that role? I believe it keeps us tuned in to our need for God in our lives.

Anyway, you are just getting started - everyone says the first year is not an indicator of your lifelong homeschooling journey, and I believe that to be true as I am into my second year now. Oh, how hard I was on myself last year!!! :)

God sees you, and He is lifting you up to achieve your goals.