Saturday, September 29, 2012

T is for Train...

 We had been away for a week and were still trying to get back into our regular routine so I needed something quick and easy to do. I had printed off a train unit and had never gotten around to doing it. It was so long ago I can't remember where I got it!
  Another idea I'd been wanting to try was writing letters on a page and covering a certain letter with stickers. They did great finding the T's. Wesley was all about this but Will did it for a little and then was ready to move on. This is something we will do some more with some other letters.
We practiced capital and lowercase letters. They have a pretty good grasp of capitals but lowercase is hit or miss.
 Will is Mr. Train so this unit was really for him.  He did the size sorting trains, and the other activities as fast as I could put them in front of him.
3 part puzzles were perfect.
 I love the shadow matching activities.
 Wesley did so great putting the train cars in order with the numbers on them.
 We've been doing Raising Rock Stars Preschool during our morning circle time. We are going the order she suggests so started with the letter L.  My favorite part of the program is the Power Point show. I'm amazed at how it completely it holds their attention as it reviews letter, number, color, shape, and Bible verses. It's WELL worth the membership.
The Bible verse for L was to Let Your Light Shine so of course we made a light to put the Bible verse on. This is part of the RRSP program.  I'm always amazed at how much Will gets into the crafts. He did such a great job :)
 They are proudly displayed on our wall. The boys were bursting waiting for Daddy to get home to show him!
I am loving this age with my boys!

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