Sunday, September 9, 2012

Butterfly Fun...

We were blessed again by a friend giving us some caterpillars which we raised into butterflies. The twins, especially Will, were really interested in the entire process. Butterfly release day is always a big hit:
Look at the excitement on Wesley's face when he saw the butterfly on the ground!
We use oranges to lure the butterflies into landing on us. Apparently Will is also a big fan of oranges as he stole the butterfly food:
Jackson likes to rub the oranges on his nose to convince his little friends to hang out. I like it because it makes for a great photo op:
Hee, hee I guess their feet tickle:
I was impressed by how gentle Will was and that he was able to catch a butterfly:
I heart this picture:
If I know my Wesley he is thinking of a thousand questions to ask about this butterfly:

Although we have raised butterflies before, we learn something new every time and now that the boys are getting older it's great to see them learning alongside us. That's another great things about homeschooling...

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