Saturday, September 22, 2012

Box Day!!!!

After going back and forth and back and forth I finally decided to plunge in and buy a Sonlight core.  I love Sonlight's approach with being so heavily literature based, but the price has always been intimidating.  I finally decided I wasn't able to do it all and wanted something already planned for me.  So I splurged and got the P4/5 level.  I ordered it, and it happened to come while we were at the beach.  I knew we had to make a big deal out of opening the box and have an official "Box Day" like all Sonlighters.  Of course, we got home from the beach at about 5:00 and had to go ahead and open it!
                            Even though it was for her little brothers, Ashton was pretty excited too.
The long pieces of packing paper were a big hit to throw out of the box while Wesley had to check out the instructor's manual :)
Will loves this book, and so do I! It's the perfect introduction to lots of science concepts for their age.  I'm amazed at how much info is packed into this fun book with our favorite bears and in poetry no less!
The other science books look really good too. My boys will eat them up.
They weren't quite as excited when I told them now they get to do math workbooks like Sissy and JackJack although they have really learned  to love them since- no, really!
How cool is it that the box comes printed so you can make something out of it.  They were ready to build the castle right away, but since it was late and we'd just driven 8 hours they had to wait.
It was just like I imagined it would be when we had to start reading right away :)
I can't wait to see how our Sonlught journey continues. Nothing could be bad that comes with a box full of books, right? What's not to love?

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