Sunday, September 9, 2012

Halloween Fun...

Halloween has to be my favorite time of year to do crafts and Tot School activities. There's so many to chose from!
I bought these paint sets at the dollar store. You can't see well but they are Winnie the Pooh dressed up for Halloween :) and there were two in a pack so perfect for us.
My bestie Kim had this cool tea bag grabber. I'd never seen one before. You have to squeeze each side and they open. I borrowed stole them for Tot School stuff! They used them to scoop up some dollar store pumpkins and put them in a dollar store pumpkin ice cube tray.  They loved this activity!  
These two were really thrilled to have to do their big kid work instead of the fun fall activities:
I think I got this P is for pumpkin page from Confessions of a Homeschooler blog. I love the pip squeak marker set I got at Walmart, I think. They are smaller so good for little hands. (The toilet paper roll in the back is from our pumpkin bowling game :) the other side has a face on it cut out of black construction paper. I stacked them and they rolled a pumpkin to knock them over!).
This is the same sensory bin I made them last year with black beans and spider rings!
I was so glad Will chose to do this using the tongs. He needs to strengthen the muscles of his hands to help him write, and these are pretty hard to squeeze. He transferred the dollar store leaves to the dollar store tray :) I love the dollar store at Halloween!
Look at my sweet freckled boy! This sensory bin has corn and plastic pumpkins and squashes from guess where? The dollar store!
We had a lot of fun today! I even let the big kids in to play when they finished their work.

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