Sunday, September 9, 2012

History Fair...

Our local homeschool group has a history fair. We decided to choose one of the countries we've been studying in Galloping the Globe to present. They decided they wanted to do Korea. We had the best time getting ready. We used one of the MANY diaper boxes sitting around and transformed it into a dragon head for a parade.
We got pictures and stories from my dad about when my grandfather was serving in Korea during the Korean War. I think that was their favorite thing they learned. They loved having pictures of him on their display board. We also typed up our favorite facts we leaned and included pictures of things we had done at home.

Then the night before they decided they wanted to dress up. By the grace of God, I was able to throw something together with items from the dollar aisle in Target. Jackson's Korean warrior armor is a knight's costume he had with two placemats tied together over it! Ashton's is a dress up dress she had, her Cleopatra shawl tied around her in Korean fashion. We put two chopsticks in her hair. Her purse was from Target dollar section and her very Asian silk belt was actually a headband- it's good to be skinny! 

I probably say this all the time, but this was one of the most amazing homeschool moments ever. The other moms and I sat back and watched in amazement as the kids spent over 2 hours teaching each other about about their countries. And I mean really teaching. They weren't just hanging out and chatting about their favorite TV show. They went table to table and genuinely asked questions and taught each other. It was truly priceless.

I almost felt sorry for the some of the adults that came by their table because they talked their ears off!!! They told them every single thing we learned, and I learned that they have truly been paying attention!
Yea Mommy!
I can't express enough how wonderful this day was. I'm so happy to see that my children are learning, remembering what they learned, and most importantly loving learning. As a great bonus, today they made some homeschool friends and I did too!

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