Sunday, June 6, 2010

Field Trip and Flooding...

At the beginning of the year we planned to go see Charlotte's Web at the Nashville Children's Theatre (an awesome place). Then Nashville flooded. Everything seemed to be shut down. I figured there was no way we were going to get to see the play even though it was about 5 days after the flood. But apparently "the show must go on" even though you had to use a porta potty! I'm glad it wasn't cancelled because it was one of the best plays we've ever seen there.

Since we were in Nashville, we had to drive around to see some of the historic flooding.

We were amazed at how much water the pumps were continuously pumping up from underneath the big buildings:

This is the Country Music Hall of Fame. We watched as they started pulling seats out. I really need to bring the kids here. It is great.

It was amazing to see all of the water and know this was almost a week later. I hope the kids will remember this big event one day and glad we got to witness a bit of it. We really had some great conversations about all the people effected and what a tragedy it was. What upset them the most (Ashton was literally crying) was seeing the damage it did to our church. Still they got to witness the great Tennessee Volunteer spirit as everyone poured out to help their neighbor. Made us proud to be Tennesseans!

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