Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MIA Me...

I have been gone for so long from my blog, and it has made me very sad. Blogging is in my top 3 hobbies (with scrapbooking and reading!), and it has been awful being unable to find the time to blog. Life this last half of the year has been really...interesting. Actually, it was mostly December through February that were so hard. Since then I've been trying to recover! Lots of things made those months hard. We hit the typical homeschooling slump being a year in and stuck in the house in those dreary winter months. Majorly contributing to that was having 2 2 year olds hitting the "terrible twos" with a violent vengeance. They fought, bit, hit, escaped from the house, drew on the walls. and destroyed the place. On the upside, they were really cute doing it! About February Will in particular really began to be able to communicate a lot better and most of his head banging fits stopped which relieved a lot of my "my child is going to be brain damaged stress" from my life. Which, trust me, was a lot of stress!
Any way, we are doing much better now and enjoying our short summer break. It's short because we have some lost ground to make up from those rough months :)
So, here I am again and hoping everyone hasn't given up reading this blog! I've got lots of catching up to do. Now the kids are in bed and the hubby is out of town- time to get blogging!

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