Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In My Happy Place...

We are on a short summer break. I have a new cheaper ink printer. I bought some fun organizing thing. My house is clean (for me anyway). My kids are attending VBS with friends this week (they're gone from 7-1!) and next week they'll be at summer camp from 8-5 each day. What does all this equal? Planning time!

There's something you need to know about me. I'm a planning junkie! There's not much else I'd rather be doing. Now that we are on a break I should probably be relaxing or scrapbooking or something, but instead I am planning for next year. It is great.
I am determined to get lots of stuff planned, printed, cut, ordered, and organized before school starts. Once we are in the full swing of things, I never have time to do all those things well enough. I am so tired of treading water in our school i.e. scrambling around that morning figuring out what is next. I know it's impossible to plan too specifically (for us anyway) but I can get the broad strokes prepared.
So, here's what I've been doing that I'll be sharing more about later:
1. Ordering the next needed books in our curriculum. I love the feeling of knowing a box is going to show up on your porch at any minute!
2. Ordering two new highly recommended history curriculum: Story of the World and Mystery of History. I plan to use them together.
3. Planning fun crafts and getting the supplies together. I love this website: No Time for Flashcards
4. Helping the kids come up with some fun summer topics they are interested in studying. I've just ordered some Download N Go units they each chose. I just got them, but they are really looking promising.
5. I'm finding some great Tot Tools to make at Tired, Need Sleep that I want to make starting with a felt board. I'm hoping the big kids can help make some for some crafting-avoid-the-TV-fun.
6. I'm writing my own TN history curriculum to use with the big kids.
7. Most of all, I've been printing, cutting, and laminating an amazing free letter curriculum I found at one of my favorite blogs, Confessions of a Homeschooler. Did I mention it is free???
Now I'll just have to pull some activities for Tot School out of my organized file folder and school will be on! Priceless!
What a fun week, although my printer would probably like a break. Sleep is overrated anyway...

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Anonymous said...

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