Sunday, May 2, 2010

Twin Tot School #18...

Wesley and Will are 33 Months Old

It has been eons since I have posted in Tot School. I have really missed it, but my life has been so overwhelming that there was definitely no time for blogging. Even our Tot School time has suffered as Mommy was so overwhelmed. Let's just say that the "terrible twos" times 2 is...challenging :)
Any way, we're back this week. I haven't even gotten to share all the awesome tot tools they received for Christmas (thanks to Mommy offering to shop for for grandparents, great grandparents and aunts- sneaky huh?). This Melissa and Doug cupcake set is a huge hit! They both love playing with this and the pizza one. Doesn't Wesley look happy to be celebrating somebody's birthday?
They also like Melissa and Doug's dress up Joey. I made the mistake of leaving him out and have been finding his clothes everywhere (just like everyone else's clothes in this family-grrr!). Their favorite outfit is to dress him like a superhero because they think his Super Why!
They are now using their car rug and love driving their cars on it. They are becoming full fledged little boys now and their cars are their favorite toys in the world.
We just moved our schoolroom into our dining room (another post I'm behind on), and the twins had to work at the table and be big like bro and sis:
These peg toys by Laurie are always our go to tot tool. If you can only get one or two toys I highly recommend these as even my big kids love them too. They are so versatile.
We broke out our new Melissa and Doug (I'm pretty sure???) lacing beads. I love the colors on these. I also love how sweet Jackson was to help them:
Girl (that is what Wesley calls Ashton- we love it!) is a beading expert helped Will make an awesome necklace:
My little poser was happy to model it. He is going to be the one to love dress up as he is already into capes and anything his sister dresses him in :)
I am amazed at how good these boys are at cutting. I don't think I would have thought to let them cut at their age if their siblings hadn't left them where they could reach them. They are really good at them, thank goodness!

They are also really good at finger painting. Again, I remain so amazed at how fast they are growing up!
I don't think anyone has to "teach" their child to do the ole' leg hold. Why is it that all kids do this? Will is a big fan. I have always called him my little monkey because when I carry them both downstairs after nap I always have to pick Wesley up first with my strongest arm since he weighs so much more. That meant Will always had to hold on like a little monkey! As you can see, he's very good at holding onto things :)

I am so happy to be back at Tot School! Please check out Carissa's blog to see what others are up to.


Our Country Road said...

We have a set of the Lauri Pegs coming in the mail and I cant wait to get them! Your boys got some wonderful gift for Christmas-great thinking!

sbswtp said...

What a fun post :) Lots of great tot tools!