Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Need to Do More Art...

We took advanatage of some warm weather and set the easel up in the garage. This was actually a few days before Valentine's Day so I told them they should paint pictures for family members. They chose to paint pictures for each other which I found really sweet!
Jackson painted what Ashton likes:

Ashton paints herself!

This was Ashton's final painting for Jackson which had a sports theme with lots of footballs and baseballs and the baseball field at the bottom:

Jackson's final painting with lots of girlie stuff!

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I was very proud of how sweet they were thinking of each other and how they selflessly did this for one another. I'm also VERY convicted that I need to give them more opportunities to do art! I have looked at tons of resource books and idea websites, but I need to quit looking and just let them dive in! I seriously need 3 more of me!

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