Sunday, March 8, 2009

Officer Buckle and Gloria Lapbook...

While big brother had the flu we didn't do much in the way of school. I needed something for Ashton to do so we came up with a lapbook about one of her favorite books, Officer Buckle and Gloria. I got all the things from Homeschool Share.
She illustrated the cover.
She got to practice her address and phone number, all our names, and finding the title, author and illustrator.

Her least favorite part was copying Humpty Dumpty because she has started hating handwriting! We did vocabulary from the book, listed reasons to call 911, learned about helping dogs, and wrote sentences with words from the book. My favorite part was where she had to write her own safety tips like Officer Buckle does in the book.
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I enjoyed doing this little project with just Ashton and she seemed pretty proud of it as well!

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Jimmie said...

This is one of my all time favorite books. I just love Peggy Rathman's sense of humor. Goodnight Gorrila is another one I love. Well done lapbook. And great plug for HSS.