Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 Commandments Lapbook...

We wrapped up our study of Moses with a 10 commandment lapbook. This is one of those lapbboks that I got different components of from several different sites and did not keep track of where I got them! I'm sorry that I can't share the links for things, but I'll do better next time:) If you really want any of it leave a comment and I'll try to search it down for you!

I loved this printout because you cut flaps under the numbers so that they lift up to reveal what the commandment actually is. I am really trying to let them be creative with the fronts of their lapbooks so they got to watercoler paint these!

This was Ashton's colorful stone:

This was Jackson's more realistic stone:

The left is a song to the tune of "Jingle Bells: which my non-musical self probably blundered! The right side only Jackson did as it was a matching worksheet.

(Blogger is refusing to let me turn this picture!) All of the little matchbooks were actually Jackson's addition. We used this opportunity to learn Roman numerals, and he came up with writing them all on matchbooks which flip up to show the "real" number. I am so often dictating what their lapbooks contain that I was proud of his addition. Even though it doesn't look as neat as I would like, I'm trying to let go of the control and let it be totally theirs, as it should be! We also did a maze and word search.
Jackson chose this coloring page for his back:

Ashton chose this one:
My favorite part was where they told me what they thought the 10 commandments were before we learned the real ones! I typed and printed them and we added it to the lapbook. They are definately something I want to remember! It was really funny!
Jackson's were:
1. Use God's name in a good way.
2. Trust in God.
3. Be nice to one another.
4. Do not steal.
5. Do not hit.
6. Obey your mom and dad.
7. Take care of God's animals.
8. Take care of God's land.
9. You have to learn every day.
10. Share love.
(OK- you can tell he is homeschooled by #9 but he's sounding a little like a hippie on #10 and the whole "green" message is really sinking in #8 and is why we are now recycling!)
Ashton's were hilarious:
1. Be nice to yourself.
2. Take care of your dog.
3. Brush your teeth.
4. Sharpen your pencil.
5. Be nice to your friends.
6. Share your toys.
7. Share love all around town.
8. Listen to our teachers.
9. Love your mom and dad.
10. Play nice with your brothers and sisters.
My favorite is picturing God in His big booming voice saying to Moses as he etches on stone: "Sharpen thou pencils!"
I think the best thing about this lapbook is that we can look over it later to remind us of what the 10 commandments are. We actually did this lapbook all in one day-yeah us!
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Tammy said...

My son and I love lapbooking!! You did a great job on your 10 Commandment Lapbook - cute idea. :)