Thursday, February 26, 2009

Egyptian Lapbook...

When we studied ancient Egypt I couldn't find a ready to go lapbook so we used blank templates from Homeschool Share to create our own and organize out research. I also found these great coloring figures that they used for the cover...

We used matchbooks to record our favorite facts about different aspects of their lives like games, food, houses, etc. We also did a flipbook for an acrostic poem, about Egypt. My favorite find was the triangle shaped book we used to record facts about pyramids. When we mummified our Barbies we also made a step book recording each step in the mummification process.

I found a great book on sale about Egypt that included some great stickers. The kids had fun using them to decorate their lapbooks.

This is a little lapbook, but it is packed full of info! I absolutely loved everything about our Egypt study and the kids were so proud of themselves which is what it is all about!

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